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The structure of a Joomla website

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Joomla Structure
It's important to have at least a minor understanding of the structure of a Joomla website so you can evaluate whether Joomla will suit you. Below is a diagram of a website layout broken up into regions that are common to many types of websites but have even more relevance to Joomla powered sites. Within your Joomla website the different regions indicated below would normally be referred to as Module Positions.

Structure of a Joomla Site
The above layout is only an example and other layouts can be used with Joomla - for example the Promotional Module is optional and the Left Column can easily be swapped for a Right Column or 3 Column layout depending on your content requirements.

The important thing to understand is where your content will appear. In the example above when you publish new content items to your website they will always display in the Main Body area. Other items such as Menus and Search Forms will usually be assigned to the Left or Right Column depending on what layout you have opted for.

When we design and layout your website we will place the MainBody area wherever you specify. For example this could be the middle column of a 3 Column Layout.

The really, really important thing to understand is that this main content position is not changeable without redesigning your layout - Once set it is locked in place for your site and you main content will always display in this area. Of course you can always come back to us and request a new layout to give your site a new lease of life and this can be accomplished quickly and cost effectively.

The other regions or Module Positions in the layout above are also optional but give a good guide to common layout solutions.

The Footer is usually used to display something you want on every page such as a copyright notice for your site, or similar.

The Promotional Module is entirely optional but very popular - this could be an interactive image gallery or a series of images that cross-fade (such as our client testimonials at the top of this page in blue and white).

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