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Currently Joomla 1.5 Only

Above you will see a demo of the Joomla module "Joomulus".

Joomulus is a flash based tag cloud for Joomla based on the beautiful wp cumulus for Wordpress which is the brain child of Roy Tanck.

The module creates a tag cloud in flash - and also a search engine friendly tag cloud that Google and other engines can index - the SEO tag cloud only shows to your users if they do not have flash installed.

Joomulus is free but requires registration to download - registered users will receive email notifications of future updates and enhancements. We will not spam you and you can opt out at any time.

You can download it here.

Note: The latest version fixes previous issues with IE6 and provides a simplified, manual tagging process giving complete control of the Tags you show, and where they link to. If you want to read about the bug fixes and simplification check out the blog post on fixing Joomulus bugs.

Setup Instructions

The major difference in the latest version of Joomulus is that we have moved to a manual tagging process - It now takes a few extra minutes to setup Joomulus but you have complete control over what tags you display and where they link to.

It's solid, reliable and bug free.

Below is the setup we are using right here on Joomla Bear.
Note we have set the width to the width of Joomulus in our example to the width of the 'Feature' module position common in many of our joomla templates - 966pixels. Of course you would want to set this to the width of the module position you are using.

By adjusting the X scale  to 2 (horizontal width) we give Joomulus an oval aspect - if we left the XY scale at 1 then Joomulus would appear round.

Text Color 1 provides the foreground color and Text Color 2 the background color of teh text - tags floating in the mid-ground will have a mixture of these two color values.

Speed is self explanatory - play with this and see what works for you.

Transparency has been set to yes in our example and allows us to make use of the background of our template.

Joomulus Setup - Parameters

And the Advanced Parameters where you manually enter your desired Tag, Link and Font Size.

advanced joomulus parameters

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